Ironman Louisville

I have to be honest, I am a bit nervous about this thing. Not because of fitness, but because of the nutrition and hydration requirements and the role they play in performance.

My race goal goes as follows:

Swim: 1:00:00
T1: 2-5 minutes tops
Bike: 6:03:00 (18.5 mph)
T2: 2-5 minutes
Run: 3:30:00 (7:28/mile)

Total: 10:45:00***

***If I finish around 11 hours I will be happy, 12 or higher and I will be unhappy***

As for nutrition I plan to eat a light breakfast maybe a couple hundred calories, then about 100 calories before getting in the water. In T1 I will drink about 10 to 12 ounces of water and have roughly 150 calories. On the bike I plan to drink 20-25 ounces of water per hour, this will consist of water and highly concentrated Heed to get my electrolytes. The reason for highly concentrated HEED is because I don’t want to drink the high fructose sports drink they will be providing as it screws with my stomach. I will also be consuming around 200 calories per hour using Sausages, Rice and egg bars that I make, and Hammer Nutrition’s Sustained Energy. The rice and sausage are so that I can have something else to eat that a goo for 6 hours and offer some variety throughout the day.

For the run I will be hitting every aid station for water and GU or Hammer Gel if I decide to carry it with me.

If you would like to follow the race you can by visiting

My bib number for this event is 1052