Dark Side of the Moon

If you are a committed runner, triathlete or any athlete for that matter you know what a day off feels like. Then there is the second day, third and fourth day off. Those days are hard to deal with. Maybe something came up at work, or home or you got sick and needed to take a few days off, no matter the reason looking back at the training log and seeing empty spots stacked up on empty slots is painful. We all go through it and how we deal with it affects our subsequent training and races.

In the last two months I was diagnosed as anemic, got a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics that destroyed me and my training, found a lump in my neck, had to get a series of tests done and now am waiting to have it surgically removed. As a result my training as been spotty (and that is generous). I had to bail out of running a marathon and several shorter races that I had planned on running. The last two months have been incredibly hard to take.

What works best for me is to find something else to focus on. That is actually how I got started in triathlons. I was suffering from recurring injury from running and had to find something else to keep me active and training. It can be anything you want and find satisfying. An athlete I work with has had multiple stress fractures in her hip so she cant run as much as she wants to so she has found different video workouts to follow that enable her to maintain strength and cardio with lower miles. As a result she recently ran her fastest 5k since high School (12 years ago).

Don’t dwell on the fact that you cant run. Use it as an opportunity to try new things and experiment you may end up stronger and faster than you were before. You can even plug new things into your training log so you wont have to stare at blank spots any more.


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