Who Is DSR?

The idea for Dead Skunk Racing first came to fruition back in 2011 when Ben had moved to Georgia and Justin still remained in Upstate New York.  Not having clubs to run with, they devised workouts and racing plans via the internet. This communication continued when Ben moved to Vermont, and upon noticing an abundance of dead skunks, and the name was born.

Ben and Justin continue correspondence to devise training and race plans, while giving each other objective advice. They have and continue to race competitively, as Ben has qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2013 and 2014, and Justin qualified for the Triathlon Age Group Nationals in 2014.

Ben and Justin have coaching experience in multiple sports, but have decided to focus on their ultimate passions: running and triathlons. Their experience runs deep both in classroom education and time on the roads.  They have spent hours developing and tweaking the plans they used for qualification for the Boston Marathon and Triathlon Nationals. It is their desire to help others of all abilities accomplish their maximum potentials through the appropriate training methods.

In 2014 they planned to host their first Ultra marathon – Twin State 50 – a 50k/m fat ass in Windsor, VT. With 60 people showing up it was deemed a success. A much smaller fat ass was hosted in December with a smaller turnout but an equally good time. The Twin State 50 was hosted again in 2015 and is looking to become an annual event with good turnout. Dead Skunk Racing, Ltd. Co. looks to host cheap races with little to no fanfare. At DSR, we feel that keeping costs to a minimum while developing a positive and laid back atmosphere, is more important than great big registration fees that go to some charity you never heard of or don’t believe in and gets you a big bag of schwag that will sit in the bottom of your closet. (Take the difference in registration fees and donate it to whatever cause you want!)

Ben has completed multiple Ultra from six hours to 100 miles, while Justin has completed a number of shorter events and triathalons.


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